Best bike cover in Singapore

Having owned several bikes during my course of riding years, I have tried so many bike covers, always hoping that the current piece will outlast the previous. However, most of them do not last more than six to twelve months, especially those from LAB. They mostly turn brittle, after being exposed to the harsh weather elements for so long. (my bike is parked outdoor, as i live in HDB. Furthermore, my work requires me to leave it parked up for months some time..).
Alas, i have found one which ticks all the right boxes… and by far, this is the best.
As reference, the bike cover wraps my Honda Gen 6 VFR  with side panniers nicely. 
If you are unsure it fits your bike, you can use my personal piece for trial fitting. It should fit most touring Class 2 touring bikes (including Goldwings) easily.


  • internal soft liner for windshield area to prevent scratches
  • clips on the bottom to prevent from coming off
  • two vents on top to prevent trap moisture
  • thicker and better material than average mass market bike covers
  • and, many more…. (go to store for pics)


or, click below “pictures” link for more pics of the bike cover being used on my VFR

While stocks last.. it is going for SGD$100 only…
self collection or, postage at buyer’s cost. 
if it is out of stock, lead time will be approx 4 weeks. (will require 50% as DP)

contact me for more details or to order